Sunday, January 21, 2007

so fresh and so clean

It's been a busy week. On Monday my musical comedy act mrs.peacock got nominated for a Billy T Award, on Wednesday I got voted in as President of the New Zealand Comedy Guild, on Friday I went to the Big Day Out, and today I mowed the lawn and also installed two new light fixtures.

One of the above activities greatly increased the supply of light in my living and dining areas. [Hint - it wasn't the Big Day Out. That was in Auckland.]

Hope you enjoyed your summer break. Any suggestions for NGA subjects in 2007 would be most welcome.


Anonymous said...

Senor Baker est muey macho!
Want to do something new for Salient? I'm the designer this year and I want an exemplary comics page.

I understand completely if you've gone through that phase.

Jarrod said...

Sent you an email, but just in case - would love to. Would you like something completely new, or just new NGAs as they come to hand (i.e. weekly)?

Kenyo said...

Had a gay friend who made two separate trips to the Down Under Lands from Los Angeles.

He came back from New Zealand talking funny.

And he came back from Australia walking funny.

Anonymous said...

Hola J! long time, no speak.
I'd like to see NGA tackle the apparent spate of dolphin attacks that afford victims a spot in woman's magazines, and perhaps a perspective on media's ability to create a false truth that the current trial of three policemen is about sex (for example, the DomPost and 3 News consistently bills this case as a sex trial). I like Cone o Science.