Tuesday, May 02, 2006


NGA missed out on the award for "Best Web Comic" at the Eric Awards on Saturday night - we were beaten out by Jitterati, by the able and talented Grant Buist (who nominated NGA for the award, so I suppose it's fair enough).

Then on Sunday I went to Armageddon. Which was odd. And had an interesting odour.


Hadyn said...

I love NGA! I have for frickin' ages! But who knew you had a blog? Keith Ng? That's no bloody good, you need to advertise more broadly.

Write a letter to the Dom Post. Make sure that it includes swearing, reporters and editors alike, love swearing. I suggest by starting with "Dear Nutless Faggot". It'll get you noticed.

Also, if you haven't stoppped reading, I saw the photo of you in your profile. Does that mean you are the little fellow on the left?

Jarrod said...

Glad to hear you enjoy NGA. I think.

You're absolutely right, I should advertise more broadly. I think that NGA deserves a far wider audience than the 40,000 monthly readers of Public Address...

Sadly although I have written several letters to the Dominion Post the only one to get published was concise, on topic and contained no swears. I'll keep trying though and will report the results as they come in.

And I'm not necessarily the guy on the left. But I'm not necessarily not the guy on the left. If you get my meaning.

The Sando said...

Damn you Newtown Ghetto Anger, damn your perfectly spherical spheres which talk to each other occasionally. Damn their sweet dark ovals which I am lost in, sweetly and darkly, forever. Your comic smells like the sock of a Valve regular

Fuck I hate emoticons, if some plonker needs to do this ";)" to show that he's making a joke, perhaps using the "chasm of sar", maybe, just maybe, he should be leaving humour to the professionals, or at least to Blanket Man, he knows the score.