Friday, April 07, 2006

NGA on Public Address

I'm very pleased to announce that NGA will henceforth be a regular feature in Keith Ng relaunched column on the always excellent Public Address.

Keith has written a rather nice little article about us in fact.

We're aiming for weekly or bi-weekly. We'll see how that works - I'm quite busy at the moment, what with my comedy festival show coming up and my recent ascension to the vice-presidency of a certain local organisation (yes, I am the Dick Cheney of comedy - or maybe the Dan Quayle). Not that I'm a shameless self-promoter or anything.

The cartoons published on Public Address will be archived on this site after about a week, so if you don't care to visit that site you can always just come here and wait patiently.


(By the way you really should come to my comedy festival show. It will be awesome).

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