Friday, March 11, 2005

pretensions of artistic merit

I am pleased to report that Newtown Ghetto Anger will be appearing in an exhibition of the work of Wellington Cartoonists at Mezzo Gallery, City Library, from 15 - 29 April.

I'm not 100% sure which cartoons to include though - please feel free to nominate your favourites (but get in quick - I think I need to submit stuff by something like the end of next week).

More details as they come to hand.

placeholder edition

NGA: Guantanamo

ebb and flow

corporate ladder

This is the first of the 4 cartoons I have so far submitted to Salient. I have no idea if they have actually used them, as I've had no feedback and have been out of the country (if anyone has seen NGA in Salient, please let me know).